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You Have A Voice.

We’ve been working to get this blog started for quite some time and what better time to do it than right now!!

The general idea of this blog is to connect with both our Talent and our Production folks in such a way that makes everyone feel included and part of a team. The truth is, that we all need each other in order to make this work. Each and every single one of us brings something to the table and it’s our collaboration that makes or breaks the end goal.

This brings us to the topic of our first real blog post…

From time to time, we get word, usually after the fact, that someone felt uncomfortable or unsafe on set. If you are a UNION actor, you have the union to back you and usually things unfold (and sometimes escalate) pretty quickly. Those of you who are Non Union have expressed that you have felt that you have no voice. Let us be clear… YOU DO HAVE A VOICE.

First things first… if EVER you feel uncomfortable or unsafe on set – please call the casting office IMMEDIATELY. We mean this, for both Non Union and Union talent. Obviously, there are some who will interpret this widely (we do not mean to contact us if you do not have a selection of beverages or your own trailer!) We mean, truly uncomfortable (perhaps there are circumstances on set of which you were unaware) or truly unsafe (such as dangerous stunts being performed around you with no regard to proper safety.)

Once we get word, we can communicate this to Production and try to alleviate the situation. More often than not, Production makes your well-being and safety a very high priority. It is a good idea to communicate any concern to your A.D.’s as well, they often make it a point on set to let you know that they are available to answer any and all questions and concerns.

We have been very fortunate to work with many talented Actors, Producers, Directors and Assistant Directors along the way and it’s also very important to us that our Actors represent us professionally. Our Productions know that we are always here to answer questions and address any issues that may come up. We are all people, and unexpected things do happen. Through the years, we’ve learned that not only are background actors crucial to any and all Productions, but that we are all just trying to have fun, make art and be seen for who we are.

We welcome your feedback and comments and look forward to sharing many more topics with all of you!

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